not playing

Not Playing by David Roberts

‘It took me ages to think of what to draw! But I kept coming back to the image of the 12 gold stars on the European Union flag. They stand for unity, solidarity and harmony – the motto being “united in diversity”. I likened it to a circle of friends enjoying a game. I thought about when one kid stops joining in with the game, how that affects the others in the group who are playing it: the game goes on but some kids might feel concerned, unsettled, sad, even annoyed that their friend has stopped playing’

biscuitBritain Takes the Biscuit by Emily Gravett

‘No one knows exactly what Brexit will mean for us all in the future. What saddens me is that it has already created division not just among nations, but neighbours and families, too’

mumurationMurmuration of Starlings by Tor Freeman

‘My dad left Scotland as an economic migrant before I was born; I didn’t realise I was an EU citizen until I was 18. When I found out, I was absolutely thrilled to get a passport that would let me live and work anywhere in Europe. Such freedom! It was like all my birthdays and Christmases rolled into one’

drawing europe

Drawing Europe Together: Forty-five Illustrators, One Europe, with a foreword by Axel Scheffler  is published by Pan Macmillan, priced £12.99. It is available from the Guardian bookshop for £11.43
Are we still ‘United in Diversity’? Forty-five artists from across Europe share their powerful illustrations of the European Union’s shared past and our unsure future. From Brexit bees to wall-jumping bulls, Drawing Europe Together is a unique collection portraying the European community . . . with or without Britain.

This is a passionate and heartfelt exploration of Europe and what it means to many of the people who live and work within its borders. The book brings together forty-five renowned illustrators who, through their drawings and accompanying words, share their vision of Europe in this beautiful and timely collection, with a foreword by the British Book Awards Illustrator of the Year 2018, Axel Scheffler.

Inspired by the Drawing (for) Europe exhibition which took place at the Institut Francais in London in 2018, Drawing Europe Together showcases the original artwork from the exhibition as well as never-before-seen illustrations from additional leading artists. With contributions from many of the world’s best book illustrators including Quentin Blake, Claude Dubois, Jim Field, Emily Gravett, Judith Kerr, Oliver Jeffers, Sarah McIntyre, Lydia Monks, Thomas Muller and Chris Riddell.

NARNIANarnia by Chris Riddell

‘The hard Brexit fantasists will be judged by future generations who will rightly ask why economic and cultural isolation was preferable to an ever-closer union. When we’ve had our fill of Turkish delight and permanent winter, there will be another referendum’